Taking the Con Out of Convenience


While Ozarka is still gestating and is for now a dream, a plan, and a digital destination, my schedule is more fluid. This gives me time to cook. One of my favorite ways to cook is to collect leftover bits and bobs and toss them together—usually the best way to do this is with a quick fry up or with an eggy thingy. Today it’s an eggy thingy made with a bit of tomato, zucchini, onion, dried herbs, sautéed chorizo (which is magic) and a semi-hard cheese sitting in the back of the fridge.

Next, I’ll make crepes and use them to for the remainder of a jam I made by resuscitating fresh-frozen berries.

I’m cooking a lot right now because I can and because I like to. But I’m not a home maker. I’m not Martha or Nigella. My hero is Julia. She started her entrepreneurial career later in life, as am I. She embraced mistakes and failures. She advised her readers never to apologize and encouraged them to trash their kitchens. She was a revolutionary. She was weird.  I love her. I’m not alone. I was very pleased to learn I am not the only one who skips past the Julie parts and just watches the Julia parts on Netflix.

Back to the point. Listen. I’m not a hardcore person.  If I can’t make the Ozarka lifestyle easy for myself, I will never expect my customers to participate in it.  Mastering a seamlessly convenient experience that is also sustainable is hard and complex. That’s the fun of this. Taking the con out of convenience means substituting processed, fake food with the real deal. We are going to replace processed foods with high quality, simple and fresh prepared foods. I can’t wait to show you what’s on offer. When we crack this nut, just like Julia, we are going to make a monumental impact together.

Your faithful Ozarkan,


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