A Single-Use-Plastic-Free Aisle? We’re A Whole Single-Use-Plastic-Free Store.


A search for “plastic free aisle petition” yields over 150,000 results.  The idea is that grocery stores respond to the demand for an aisle where the entire selection is liberated from single-use plastic packaging.

Ozarka is doing one better than that–or 5 or 10 or even 20 better than that.  Every aisle in Ozarka will be free from single-use plastic.

And we’re more than a glorified bulk foods store.  It’s the stuff that we buy every day that’s overwhelming our recycling schemes.  And you know what we’re talking about: the bottles, the wrappers…the packaging traditional grocery stores force you to deal with has become part of the model.

All of our packaging, that’s right, all of it, will be return for deposit, backyard compostable, or 100% non-plastic recyclable materials (such as glass) that are not downcycled.  You can walk into Ozarka empty handed and shop with us. And we’ll make it really easy for you to bring the stuff back. Promise.

So ok, it’s righteous to shop for groceries knowing you aren’t using excessive petroleum-based single-use packaging. But if we can’t make this crazy convenient for you, we can’t ask you to keep coming back. Our goal is to make you love shopping with us so much you won’t even notice how awesomely environmentally responsible you’ve become.

And, and, and…more.  We’re also going to deliver the best fresh cut and prepared foods throughout the land.   An authentic traditional hummus done properly? Folks, it ain’t even hard to get this right.

Your faithful Ozarkan,


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