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Beth and Micheal

Ozarka Goes to School Chapter 3: Millennials and Me

I gave the GPS in my car one more chance.  I input the address of the nearest Tesco supermarket–a 30 minute drive. After almost an hour of backtracking, more swearing, and recalculating, I ended up in some sort of quasi-industrial park that had a small SPAR convenience store in it.  I bought some raspberries and a sandwich just so I wouldn’t feel like the trip was a total waste of time.  I pulled out my phone and got to the Tesco to purchase my travelling food staples: one roasted chicken, raw broccoli and cauliflower, hummus, a whole grain baguette, butter, and yogurt. I’m always especially excited about Irish yogurt. It is the best.

Back home at the cottage, I began to unload my groceries when behind me I heard, “Hiy they-ah.”  My first roomie! This must be the roomie whose room, tacked with a nameplate bearing his South African surname, was across the hallway from mine.

Francois hung out and chatted with me while I unpacked my stuff. His ability to hang out is unparalleled. I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone more laid back.

Within a few hours, the rest of the tribe rolled in: Cian from Howth, a peninsula northeast of Dublin; Peter and Karen from Dundalk, just a hop south of the border with Northern Ireland on the east coast, and Andrew from Galway.

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