Reusable containers for the food industrie, restaurants & take away

When we took on the task of redesigning the food container, we knew it wasn’t enough to just make it reusable. In order to convince millions of people to ditch disposables, we had to give them something that was clearly better. That’s what ARK Reusables are.


ARK Reusables are custom-designed to get food safely from your kitchen to anyone’s table, and provide a great dining experience once it arrives. Made of food-grade silicone, they can be washed repeatedly, even in commercial dishwashers, without degrading or fading. Their sturdy construction and robust closure means peace of mind during transport. And they come in a range of sizes, from sauce dishes up to full meal containers, so you can use them just like regular dishes.

ARK line

The ARK line is ideal for company canteens, catering services, or any other food service that wants to control the entire food transport cycle. They’re also a great solution for traditional takeout and delivery where Ozarka’s Reusables as a Service isn’t yet available. And of course, they’re an ideal way to pack personal meals for work or travel.